Zen in the Art of Writing

Ray Bradbury is a master of short story writing. This collection is no exception, but is unique in knocking down the fourth wall and revealing how some of his works, including the popular ones like Fahrenheit 451, came to be.
Throughout his career, Bradbury published reflections on writing and his approach to it. This book is simply those pieces bound together, with his usual imagery, powerful metaphor, and light humor. There is advice in here for everyone, but some of it lands better if the reader is already familiar with at least some of Bradbury’s work.

The Craft of Science Writing

If you’re curious about becoming a science writer, this book is a must-read. Whether you are a scientist, a non-science writer, or something else entirely, Siri Carpenter has gathered the basics of how to improve your science writing, and bundled them into an essential collection.

The Craft of Science Writing is a series of short essays and articles, each by a different science writer. These pieces are all available on the website The Open Notebook for free, but the book has curated and organized them into a directed journey through the details of the craft.