Best Fiction Books of 2021

I read a lot of books. As in, usually more than 100 in a year, and apparently up to 159 in 2020 when I’m locked down for 6+ months because of a global pandemic. I get so much joy out of reading, and find even fiction educational. I enjoy experiencing the stories that other people’s minds have created.

The Ocean Cleanup Is Not a Solution To Plastic

It is an undeniable fact that there is a lot of plastic in the ocean (an estimated 7,000 to 35,000 tons in 2014). The world produced 381 million tons of plastic in 2015.  Hakai magazine likened the problem to a garbage truck dumping an entire load into the ocean every minute. This plastic waste clogs our waterways, strangles marine life, and blemishes our beaches. It is very obviously a problem, but less obvious how we should go about fixing it.

What an Earthquake Feels Like From Underwater

I had the incredibly unique experience recently of an earthquake happening nearby while I was scuba diving in the ocean. We found out on surfacing that it had a magnitude of 4.8 and the epicenter was 37 miles away from us. I was “at work”— surveying fish on coral reefs around St. Thomas in the … Read more